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Lluri Coria

Club Services/ Athletics Coordinator

Lluri will always be a club kid! As a former BGCDT member, 2003 Youth Of The Year, and Jr. Staff for three years, she knew BGCDT was still a place she could call home. Growing up in Carpentersville and seeing first hand the impact that club has on our community, is one of the reasons she decided it was time to come back and utilize the skills club provided her. As a volleyball player in Dundee-Crown, she believes athletics is a crucial component to many children’s success along with discipline. As the Athletics Director, she is looking forward to providing more opportunities for our youth to use their skills without limitations. With a background in customer services and athletics operations, she is hopeful she can help our local families and members find a fun way to stay active and be part of a team. Lluri is also a proud mom to a boy that is now a 2nd generation BGCDT member. The Club has been such a fantastic part of her life and now being able to be on the other side of the spectrum she couldn’t ask for a better team to work side by side on this incredible mission in making a great community with young leaders.  

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Daniela Mendoza

Administrative Assistant

Daniela Mendoza is the receptionist at the Boys & Girls Clubs Admin Office. She is the first person people speak with when they walk into the office. Daniela answers any questions people may have, direct them to where they need to go, and overall overlook the office and make sure everyone is taken care of. Daniela wanted to work for the BGCDT because of her own experience of being a member in her early teen years. Now as an adult, she is excited to be involved in the community that helped shape who she is today and give back to help Nourish Character and Inspire Potential in the lives of other kids.

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Maria Ramirez

Director of Program & Staff Development

Maria’s passion for children started when she was attending college for Early Childhood Education during her time in high school, through the Tech Prep Program. This lead her to Club through our Jr. Staff Program. Maria has been involved with the movement for over 15 years. As an Alumni, it has been a pleasure for her to see members grow within our organization as she did.

As Director of Program & Staff Development, she works first hand with our staff, from recruitment and interviews, to orientations and program training. She is able to impact our members and families in our community. She helps staff members practice our mission: Nourish Character | Inspire Potential, the moment they are hired. Maria provides the resources our professionals need to succeed in providing the optimal Club experience.

Maria was born on the West Side of Chicago and grew up in Carpentersville attending D300. She has been on staff since she was a member herself. This gave her a different perspective on why this movement is so important. We often hear the success stories of our Staff impacting Members, but forget the impact Club Members actually can have on Staff.

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Mike Sein

Mike Sein

Technology & Digital Media Specialist
Michael Sein has been a valued employee since November of 2014. He started at Meadowdale as a part time staff. He has worked at Lakewood, CMS, and the Teen Center as well. He is currently in charge of media and technology for BGCDT. He also designed the entire tech and media arts program for the Teen Center. Michael really enjoys being creative and sharing his passion for creativity and technology with the teens. He loves teaching them and watching their skills grow.

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Jennifer Wolfe

Club Services Manager

Jennifer started working with Boys & Girls Club in August, 2009, where she was the founding director at our Parkview Site. She is currently a member of our Admin team as the Club Services Manager. She works closely with our staff of Directors in helping to coordinate club activities and special events. She also coordinates our volunteers and mentors for each of the sites.

Jennifer is a lifelong member of the Carpentersville community. Having been raised and raising her own family here, she is familiar with the area, it’s assets and it’s needs. Working at Boys & Girls Club is so much more than a “job” for Jennifer. It’s an opportunity for her to make a difference in the lives of the local families she has been blessed to get to know.

Email: [email protected]

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