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Club News

2018 Summer Soccer

Today the BGCDT 2018 Soccer season has officially kicked off (literally)! This year we have over 400 community kids signed up, with a total of 42 teams ranging from 1st grade to high school. We look forward to all the excitement this season holds. A big shout out to Lluri Coria, our Athletics Coordinator who is working hard to ensure we have a successful season! 


The Image Maker program is back!

This year the Teen Center will be participating in the Image Makers program! This particular program has been around for 50 years. The goal is to teach the teens what photography is about and just how much goes into creating that perfect photo. It also enhances their artistic skills and goes beyond taking a simple selfie. It will focus on portraits, nature, and environmental photography. We look forward to showing you future photos that are created by our teens. 

Community Day Update

A quick follow up! Thank you to Buffalo Wild Wings for holding the Community Day 2018. Their 9 Northwest Suburbs Franchisee restaurants will donate $6,395.37 back to The Boys And Girls Clubs Of Dundee Township.  They donated 10% back of their total food and soft drink sales for the Community Day back on April 18th.  Thank you once again for your donations! And Thank you to everyone in the community who went out and supported us! 

Crochet Program with Debbe

Meadowdale and Parkview club members have had the opportunity to be involved in the Crochet Program run by Debbe Lowe. Club members that participated learned new creative skills to show off their talents and create amazing things with Crocheting. Members created beanie hats, headbands as well as wash cloths. Some of the items created were donated to the newborns at Sherman Hospital. Great job to all who participated in the Crochet program!


Village Choppers Drum Line visits Teen Center

 This week Rhonda Schock and James Isbrandt of the Village Choppers Drum Line stopped by the Teen Center. The Village Chopper's Drum Line not only teaches instruments and music, but they also do performances. Some of the things that are taught through the organization are drums, flags, rifles, and horns. During their presentation students and staff were able to get a small taste and participate in some of the drumming. "Music is a very powerful tool," says James. Both also discussed careers and great futures in music.

Teens create playable video game!

      Hey there all you techies! The teens finished their first Game Design program this week!!! They learned the different segments of what is included in creating a game as well as creating their own! The program consisted of a 14-lesson program and worked with the popular game engine known as Unity. The Teens made and followed a tutorial series that ultimately created a wave base survival game. Members learned the basics of C#, an object-oriented language, and modifying scripts. They also worked with Mono Develop software which is a programming compiler.