Teens learn Computer Science

The Computer Science and Basics program gave our Teen Center members the opportunity to gain news skills and more knowledge about computers. They learned some of the more basic things such as cleaning and maintaining a computer so that it continues to work properly and last longer. They also learned a little computer history like what one of the first personal computer was like, which was Altair 8800, and what it was mainly used for.

Teens visit Bleu Root

Our teens had the incredible opportunity to visit Bleu Root! Bleu Root gave our teens a tour of the entire restaurant and explained each area and how it is run in an effective way. Each member had the opportunity to cook in the kitchen with the chefs, learn about what it is like to be a hostess and what they do, serve as a waiter or waitress, and interact with the customers of the restaurant. This was an excellent way for the members to get some professional experience in a restaurant.

Our Dundee Highlands site trains for its first 5K

This year the Dundee Highlands site is training some of their members for a 5k run. Our valued staff Caleb is in charge of this exciting program. 5k runs are an excellent way to exercise and stay fit. During their training the members do endurance exercises and run around the school grounds. When they use the gym they do sprinting and jogging exercises as well. We look forward to seeing their amazing progress as well as their 5k run!

Martial Arts Program

Our staff Monica has been running the exciting Martial Arts program at the Dundee Highlands (Parkview) site this summer. The members are training with many different types of equipment. They use punching bags, foam nunchucks, and bow and arrow training. The members are learning how to punch correctly such as making sure your fists are kept closed and tight. When using their nunchucks, the members learn how to use their wrists. They are also learning how to kick properly using certain techniques.

Kane County Cougars game

Recently our members from CMS were able to attend a Kane County Cougars game! This was possible thanks to Darcy Bretz who works for Middleby and is on the BGCDT board. The day was filled with fun and new memories for our members. The Cougars played the Cedar Rapids Kernels and won 3 to 2. Thank you Darcy for providing us with the opportunity to give these members a fun filled experience!