Inspire Bleu Teen Visit

Recently a group of our Teen Center members took a trip to Inspire Bleu as part of our Workforce program. Inspire Bleu is a day spa that focuses on beauty and wellness. The members were able to learn a little bit about what it takes to run a business.

Workforce Program- Culver's visit

Recently ten members from our Teen Center went to the local Culver's to gain skills in working for a restaurant. They were greeted by Serena who owns the location, and Kevin who is their training manager.
They started off by being trained on how to perform good customer service. This included greetings, asking how they can be of service, and their farewell. 

2018 Great Futures Golf Outing

BGCDT recently held the Great Futures Golf Outing at the Randall Oaks Golf Club and Banquets. Every year the event benefits our sites that impact over 1,800 members. Unlike previous years, this year we had 8 members from the Teen Center help out and join in on the fun. They had the opportunity to tell golfers what club is all about and learn how to play golf. 

Norman B Barr Camp

Thank you Norman B. Barr camp for hosting some of our members once again for a fantastic week. Our members arrived and were greeted by a wonderful staff. It was a laid back first day that was about getting ready for the week and finished with dessert and a movie.

Make a Difference Day

Make a difference day is a day in which people can volunteer in their communities. It's an excellent way to get involved in your community and make a difference. You could also hold different fundraisers. This year Merrill Edge sent twenty of their team members to volunteer at Liberty, our summer elementary site. Merrill Edge is an online discount brokerage service and is part of Bank Of America's retail banking division.

Chicago Field Museum trip

The Teen Center had the opportunity to visit The Field Museum. It was a great day for them to be exposed to history, science and culture. Some of the interesting history that they were able to learn about were the Aztecs and Incas and ancient people of the Arctic. They also saw exhibits from ancient China, Africa, and Egypt.They got to see different animal exhibits and learn more about their biology and how ancient people interacted with them as well. Overall the kids had a wonderful time and are looking forward to our next planned field trip!

Galaxy Mason Jars

Love Arts & crafts? Check out what our members created! Galaxy Mason Jars. This cool arts & craft project was taught by Jennifer, one of our Teen Center staff. Members created this cool project using jars, paint, cotton balls, duck tap, water, glitter and of course mason jars. Members mixed in water and different paints to create a cool galaxy look.

K40 Member Panel

K40 has been a long time supporter of the BGCDT. They are a company that makes radar detectors. Lynette Tomlinson, who is in charge of their social media and marketing, asked some of our members to come and speak to them about how club has impacted their lives and what they do through a discussion panel.